How to design for print brochures

Ideas For Creating An Effective Brochure

Printed brochures are the key to the success of any business. They communicate to prospects and customers the who, what, when, where, and why, of your business. A printed brochure acts as a salesman, conveying why that individual, reading your brochure, must buy from you. A printed brochure is a selling piece. You have only so many square inches to capture their attention, stimulate their interest in the product or service you offer, create a desire, and put forth a call to action.

The Front Cover

As you take pride in your appearance to attract a member of the opposite sex, so should the appearance of the front panel of your brochure. It must capture the of a prospect, even if they initially are not looking for your product or service. The front panel must stir up curiosity, excitement, which is upbeat, and contemporary, something different and unique to that of your competitors.

The Inside

While the front panel creates the initial image, it is the inside brochure panels, which acts as the attention getter, presenting information that keeps them reading further about you. It is an opportunity to hold their attention with captivating text, with words that spark emotion. Much like a dairy farm, the farmer leads the cow from the pasture, the inside brochure panels starts to milk them. Text should be brief here, to accommodate short attention spans of readers, but incorporate appealing visuals or photographs.

The Content

The brochure’s content is to drive the point home to the reader. It must be informative, and direct to the point, without any fluff or clutter. You have only so much time to convince the reader to buy. Here, it is imperative to structure the content, in an effect manner, leading up to specific response from the reader. Information that is not relevant to the actual product only hinders the reader from buying.

The Back Cover

You got the reader to pick up the brochure, reader the contents, the pitch about your product, and now want them to buy. The back cover is often referred to as “the wallet”, as it part of the brochure that you hammer home the need for them to buy now! You’ve showed the product, offered the value, stressed the need, now close the sale! This portion of the brochure is your last chance to hold their attention. Consider offering the reader an immediate discount with a code or providing reward points for a purchase. More Brochure Template Info.

The Information

The content of the brochure must be direct and to the point. Often brochures are designed with everything essential for the prospector buyer, but with insufficient space for the all important contact information. Often contact information is reduced to small size fonts on the back panel and just lists a phone number. It is critical that all contact be provided for the reader to connect with you directly, such as telephone, email, website or social media. Offer a benefit for them to contact you this very moment. Try this free brochure maker online.

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